The HTS-Web Personal Website provides the individual with his/her personal domain name and Universal Resource Locator (URL). Prices are reasonable and based on the amount of space you need and unlike most website hosts we do not force our customers to live with annoying pop-ups or any other advertising on your website. With HTS-Web you can upload and access your files from any internet connection.

Prices below do not include the purchase of the domain name (your URL) which costs $35 for one year. Multi-years may be purchased to save money, as much as only $15 a year for a 10 year URL purchase ($150 total). If you already own a domain name, but wish to save money by switching to us, it is not difficult to transfer to our server.

The setup fee involves getting your web space registered on the Internet and on our server. It does not include HTML creation or site upkeep. We do offer those services along with expert graphical design, if interested.

Email us for more information!!